The Zaria Village By Safaricom Investment Cooperative

Safaricom Investment Co-Operative has been in existence since 2009, delivering a total of 129 projects.

Over the ten years, the co-operative has been able to remit upto 42% annual returns to its investors, clients and 4200 members. Their total investment over a period of ten years amounts to Kshs 20 billion.

With their recently unveiled project dubbed The Zaria Village, SIC aims to empower prospective investors and clients by availing the housing units below market value.

Current prices for 1/4 acre plots stand at Kshs 6.95 million, with the highest price at Kshs 7.35 million.

According to Safaricom’s Senior Manager for Strategy Peter Gichangi, who also serves as the board chairman and director of Zaria Village, the major challenge has always been the unique demands for each client but The Zaria Village curbs this by offering four different housing options; The Zara, The Zaira, The Zayana and The Zazi. Each of these units has a different design, although with limiting modifications.

The Zaria Village Club House

One can do modifications as they wish on the interiors, but the only modification they can do on the exterior is the addition of an attic.

In order to penetrate all the possible markets, he says the uptake of SIC has been mostly through direct sales, previous clients and Kenyans in the diaspora.

Mr Peter is confident that title deeds for The Zaria Village will be available within the first thirty days of purchase. All the necessary infrastructure including perimeter walls, drainage systems, tarmac roads and solar street lighting will be ready within six months.